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Commissioner James “Jay” Jones is Running for Chatham County Chairman!

The day has come for Chatham County District 6 Commissioner James “Jay” Jones to announce his candidacy for Chairman of the Board of Chatham County Commission. Continuing what he started in 2017, his focus is simple as ABC:

A1 Chatham County Services

We have done a good job providing services to the Chatham County community. As a legislative body, we have room to create new policies, update codes, and strengthen our various service teams. Our services make our county safe, provide comfort, and must be friendly! Commissioner Jones has said it consistently, "Community involvement is key to making Chatham County one of best counties in our country!"       

Business Sense for All

Our business community is the key to reducing poverty, homelessness, and crime. We must be committed to challenging our state and federal government structures to invest in southeast Georgia. Commissioner Jones is committed to supporting small business, developing industry for manufacturing opportunities,  and using strategic unionization to strengthen our workforce and ensuring continued growth with our vital ports. 

Community Renewed Through Inclusion

We are a diverse community with a mix of the municipal and unincorporated populations that make up Chatham County. We are a diverse community with a mix of various races, religions, personal preferences, and accessibility challenges that make up Chatham County. Everyone should be heard in our community! Commissioner Jones is committed to listening and learning as he has done the entire duration of his term in office.    

Commissioner Jones stated, “I will continue to work hard to serve my community until my term expires at the end of 2020. It has been a privilege and honor to serve the people of the 6th District and the entire Chatham County community. Our community should be proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time, but we have much more work to do!”

We have work to do!

Commissioner Jones is looking for conversations throughout Chatham County. 


Committee to Elect James "Jay" Jones
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